About Timeless Journey

When you buy from Timeless Journey, you receive something unique that will last for generations. None of our items come from a factory or are mass produced. Instead each piece is hand-crafted specifically for you.

We love working with our customers. We take great pride in showing exceptional customer service and treating each person how we want to be treated.  We love the fact that we are working together, building a business from the ground up. Just like our items tell a story of their timeless journey, we are living a fantastic journey all our own.


Our wood is not purchased from a store and artificially distressed. We use old barn wood that is 100+ years old. This wood is stronger than the wood you get from the big box stores because the trees were old and big when they were milled for lumber.

Today, trees are grown too fast and the grain isn’t close together. This creates weaker boards.


Growing up in rural Missouri, we have always loved old barns. The way each barn has its own character and the fact that so many of them where built by hand 100 years ago, made them even more special. We love the fact that the wood comes from a time where things were slower and made by hand to last.

The texture from the old saw blades, or the weather tells a story on each board all its own. It’s sad when people just see these barns as ugly trash and want to burn them down. We try to save as much of the barn as possible to reuse. That’s why every chance we get, we try to save this wood.


Every board is taken off a barn by hand, loaded onto a trailer and taken back to our shop. Once there all the nails are pulled and the wood cleaned to be ready to make one of a kind pieces.